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Samurai Shodown
This community is very new; however, I want it to come off to a great start. There's a much smaller fandom then KoF on LJ, and for that this community is open for:

- Boards
- Rp Logs/Fanfics
- Icon Samples
- Gameplay recordings and events in general
- Fandommish discussions like pairings and stuff
- Fanart

The obvious, such as long entries, big pictures, and material at an R rating go into a cut.

1. Tolerate slash/femslash, pairings and stuff and people's opinions just as long as they're not crude. Acceptance is good, too :P
2. No drama. No trolls, either. That's why there's a request sent to me to come in, no offense.
3. Use common courtesy.
4. Enjoy this community, and spread it around to people who'd care to see it if willing.
5. Ah! Final note! It'd be great if you could put keywords for what your entry is about so people can find what they're looking for ^_^

o ya lyk swords too an dont call Sieger chep hes da mascot